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our mission

Ayers Petroleum Consulting is dedicated to providing expert advice to oil and gas companies in the Appalachian Basin. With a wide range of skills, Ayers Petroleum aims to optimize asset development and evaluate resource potential by utilizing advanced analytical techniques and software.

providing expert reservoir consultation

our services

Ayers Petroleum Consulting offers expert consultation to oil and gas companies to optimize projects and ensure best return. We offer a variety of services within the following categories:

Economic Evaluation

Focus Area Analytics

& Statistics

Production Planning

& Forecasting

Rate Transient Anaylsis

Economic Evaluation

Project Management

Comprehensive Asset Planning

Optimization of Business Strategy

Extensive Network of Highly Qualified Consultants

Project Management

Resource Appraisals

Oil & Gas Reserve Preparation

Acquisition & Divestiture Valuations

Mineral Asset Appraisals

Resource Appraisals

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